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Everyday & Casual Shoes for Men. When it’s time to go casual, it’s time to go to Famous. In store and online, Famous Footwear carries a massive selection of men’s casual shoes, ranging from slip ons to oxfords, sneakers to boat shoes.

So go with a slim suit cropped relatively short or a loose-and-easy one.

10 Essential Shoes to Buy Before Fall Arrives. Wingtips, sneakers, Chelsea boots—we've got them all.
The best men's summer shoes GQ picks the best shoes for men this summer Published exclusively with the June issue of British GQ on sale now in both print and as a digital edition.
The best men's summer shoes From patent monkstraps to mock-croc sneakers, this year your choice of footwear has never been wider or better. Now it's time to vote with your feet.
Mens Casual Shoes. Pounding the pavement around the track, strolling through the park or a night out on the town all have one thing in common: a dashing pair of men's casual shoes from Macy's.
Mens Casual Shoes. Pounding the pavement around the track, strolling through the park or a night out on the town all have one thing in common: a dashing pair of men's casual shoes from Macy's.

Find the best men's shoes for all occasions, from work to weekend casual.

There are those slim, contoured kinds that exude elegance and go great with a luxurious custom suit. And then there are the heftier lace-ups with chunkier soles. They're what we show a ton of in the magazine these days. They go great with skinny jeans or trim-cut suits. And if you take care of them see number 7 , they'll last you a lifetime.

Join the Rubber Revolution Let's say you're insistent on extra padding for your lace-ups. The good news is that there are now plenty of stylish, wonderfully made dress shoes with full rubber soles, or at least rubber inlays. They're great for crappy weather and for comfort. But keep in mind that once full rubber soles wear down, that's it for them. Replacing the heels or protecting them with taps isn't a viable option as it is with leather-soled shoes. I know—that's an insane amount of money for a pair of shoes.

Except, in the past, I've paid at least that much twice that, even for suits, some of which I don't even wear anymore, because either they wore out or they were too trendy in the first place. These wingtips, though, they'll never go out of style. Bench-made in England, tobacco brown leather, the kind of hefty soles that would allow one to kick some serious ass if one had to.

I put taps on them, I keep 'em in shape with cedar shoe trees, and I lather them up with a neutral polish every few weeks. Yes, I'm slightly obsessed with them. But here's the thing—if you invest in quality, it'll pay off. These shoes will last me a decade or longer. I'm not a math guy, but that seems like a lot of cash over ten years. Save Your Sole How to guarantee eternal life for your dress shoes The most worn item in your wardrobe—that pair of quality leather-soled dress shoes you regularly wear to the office—requires the most attention.

Taps Plastic is quieter, metal more durable. Either will prevent the soles and heels—be sure you remember the heels from grinding away. Taps typically wear out or fall off after about six months. Start checking your soles after a year or so, and be sure new ones are sewn on, never glued. Have a cobbler replace them before they wear down to the leather soles themselves. You need to call b. They're impossible to loosen and tighten; it's done purely for display. So take out the laces and start over.

The most important step is the first, inserting the lace over not under the bottom eyelets. He was fond of saying that a true gentleman didn't feel properly dressed unless his shoes were freshly shined every morning. I love the ritual: After enough applications, the old T-shirt that I use becomes a work of art in its own right, a poor man's Matisse.

And my dad's horsehair brush with the Good Housekeeping Seal branded into its hardwood handle is the very same one he taught me with. First, I brush the shoe well, cleaning it of any dust or dirt. With the rag wrapped tightly around my first two fingers, I apply the polish in small, tight swirls. By the time I'm through applying wax to the second shoe, the first will be dry and ready to brush, and that's all I do. I have a closet full of nice shoes but wear the same ones practically every day—a size 13 cordovan color and leather plain-toe lace-up.

With this particular shoe, I use a black cream every third or fourth polishing instead of cordovan paste. It makes them the same deep aubergine as a perfectly ripe eggplant. They go with everything I own, and they're as comfortable as a bare foot in sand.

I've had them resoled twice already, and I'm told a well-made, well-cared-for cordovan will outlast its owner. I aim to find out—just not too soon, I hope. Now Get Your Shine Box! What you'll need to care for your shoes A. One tin of black wax polish and one tin of neutral. The black for your black leather dress shoes obviously. And the neutral for your brown—because you essentially want to moisturize the leather, not color it. An old T-shirt or towel will do the trick for applying wax.

But if you buff your shoes post-brushing, invest in a nice soft chamois. Don't skimp on the brush—you want a wood handle and horsehair bristles. And for when you're running out the door and just don't have time for a full polish, keep an instant-wax sponge in your kit for a quick touch-up.

Ones made from cedar. They'll preserve the shape of your shoes, prevent them from developing deep creases, absorb moisture, and even make them smell better.

It says you understand that uniforms look best when they're messed with, and that when it's raining or snowing, your Ferragamos should be left in the closet. Leather-soled military-style ones like these are ideal. They're like dress shoes, only a hell of a lot tougher. Rich Italian Men Know Best Designer Domenico Vacca on why brown is the color of cool "Many Americans have this idea that if you put on a dress shoe, it has to be black.

But Italians—and I myself, especially—very rarely wear black shoes, except for very formal occasions like weddings and funerals. I'm almost always in brown shoes, because they just work with everything. If you're in a pale gray sweater and khakis, you choose a light brown shoe; if you're in a navy blazer and dark gray pants, chocolate brown loafers.

The one rule I have is that your shoes should match your accessories. Don't try to wear a deep brown watchband and a black belt and caramel-colored shoes. But the beauty of brown shoes is that all the different shades let you communicate something about your personality—you tell the world you have a sense of play and character just by putting something on your feet.

Lose the Laces, Gain Some Style "The penny loafer's got a fusty reputation, but so many designers these days are doing it in this modern, streamlined shape; instead of making your feet look stubby,a loafer by Bass or Prada will actually make them look longer. And a black penny loafer takes on the character of any outfit—when you're in a business suit, it's formal; when you're in a polo and jeans, it's casual.

Consider it the perfect in-between when you don't feel like putting on a pair of sneakers or dressy lace-ups. The Sneakers That Suit You Pairing sneakers with a suit is a move we love and a smart way to reinvent a suit you already own. But you do need to tread carefully. Consider the following advice. If worn correctly, they'll take off more years than Botox. Ecco shoes canada careers.

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style | The latest on men's shoe styles and trends from GQ. Everything you need to know about shoes for men including reviews, ideas and tips. Get your feet ready to look cooler than they ever have before with the best men's shoes from the pages of GQ. The Men's Shoes You Need Right Now—and 30 Ways to Wear Them. GQ. Facebook. Twitter. The GQ Guide to Shoes. GQ. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Email. You Can Judge a Man by His Shoes. when you're in a polo and jeans, it's casual. Consider it the perfect in-between when you.